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Concept Map of SQL Azure

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I’ve been reading through the SQL Azure blog and their wiki to get a complete view of its current state.  I’m helping the SQL Azure team with marketing and strategy.  As an artifact of my efforts to ramp on SQL Azure, I built a concept map or mind map using FreeMind.  FreeMind really helps me collect my thoughts in a manner where I can collect, sort and graph so that I can quickly view complex concepts in a easily consumable manner.


SQL Azure MindMap

I like that SQL Azure was architected with High-Availability and Failover from the start.  I like that you can use the same tools and data access mechanisms.  I’m not sold on OData yet nor do I like that unless you have an MSDN subscription, you don’t have a free access tier for usage.  Amazon provides one for their cloud data products.


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December 14, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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Killer Cloud App – Data Storage

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If you talk with the folks over Amazon, they use S3 buckets instead of local drive space to store log files, dumps, images/graphics and all sorts of odds and ends.  I was having a discussion yesterday with a  colleague on what we think the next killer solution will be and I kept thinking back to the almost entirely vertical slope for 2009-2010 shown on any Werner Vogels slide deck demonstrating the usage of S3 since 2006. 


The world runs on data and information management is key surviving in a post-manufacturing world.  At one time, Microsoft wanted to build a file system which was database driven to overcome those pesky file gremlins which so often eat the file you need “right now”

When you look at data solutions you have several vendors with solutions:

  • EMC / Mozy
  • Amazon
    • SimpleDB
    • S3
    • RDS
  • Microsoft with SQL Azure
  • Google with BigTable
  • Caspio
  • IBM
    • DB2 Express
    • Informix Dynamic Server
  • NoSQL Alternatives in a private cloud
    • CouchDB
    • MongoDB
    • NEO4J
    • Cassandra

What the world doesn’t need to have happen is a mass movement of relational databases to virtualized multi-tenant hosting, but that is exactly what is happening.  What needs to happen is an evolution of data and information storage.  Something where the data is stored and retrieved in a like manner in which it is used.  Perhaps along the NoSQL movement, but on a grander scale….

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December 8, 2010 at 10:26 pm