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Concept Map of SQL Azure

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I’ve been reading through the SQL Azure blog and their wiki to get a complete view of its current state.  I’m helping the SQL Azure team with marketing and strategy.  As an artifact of my efforts to ramp on SQL Azure, I built a concept map or mind map using FreeMind.  FreeMind really helps me collect my thoughts in a manner where I can collect, sort and graph so that I can quickly view complex concepts in a easily consumable manner.


SQL Azure MindMap

I like that SQL Azure was architected with High-Availability and Failover from the start.  I like that you can use the same tools and data access mechanisms.  I’m not sold on OData yet nor do I like that unless you have an MSDN subscription, you don’t have a free access tier for usage.  Amazon provides one for their cloud data products.


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December 14, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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