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A Brave New World – Cloud Computing

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I first started working in the computer industry back in 1994 when the only way onto the internet was through college campuses and the web was in its infancy. Another computing technology that was also in its infancy was client-server computing. At that time, the mainframe was king and UNIX was making headway as business bought into the benefits of client-server computing. Many of those benefits, mirror the benefits touted by advocates of cloud computing today; cheaper and shared resources, leaner costs of maintenance, and elasticity of resources.

Last year, NIST of the US Federal government defined the main characteristics of cloud computing solutions:

  • on-demand self service, which allows business units to get the computing resources they need without having to go through IT for equipment.
  • broad network access, which enables applications to be built in ways that align with how businesses operate today – mobile, multi-device, etc.
  • resource pooling, which allows for pooling of computing resources to serve multiple consumers.
  • rapid elasticity, which allows for quick scalability or downsizing of resources depending on demand.
  • measured service, which means that business units only pay for the computational resources they use. Translation: IT costs match business success

Small business will reap great benefits as they move to cloud computing. In fact, I believe it is small business adoption of cloud computing which will transform, not computing, but how business is done across all tiers of business from small business to very large enterprises. In fact this will happen because the cloud computing model, the foundation is built upon commodity resources which are elastic and utilized as needed, this is exactly how small business executes today.


Written by abattre

November 27, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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